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ALBA MAR IZQUIERDO (Madrid, SPAIN, 1981). She studies Audiovisual Communication in the Complutense University of Madrid and, later, a Master in Direction and Production of Radio, Films and TV in the National University of Panama. She starts working in television in 1996, directing social and educational documentaries for the Venezuelan channel Vive TV. After that, she directs the documentaries “Resisting in Colombia” and “Stairs to Heaven” and travels to Lebanon to collaborate in the documentary “And Nothing Else Matters”, about Palestinian refugees. After her works in the non fiction world, the shortfilm “The Silent Night” is her first incursion in fiction. Her clear social and political compromise and her defense for women and human rights take place in her new work.

Finished her studies at the University of Television and Film Munich in 2015. Received several scholarships and prizes for producing and building up her company cocofilms. Producer and director of several short films, documentaries and commercials. Her documentary „The safest nuclear power plant worldwide” has been screened at over 40 festivals (Germany shorts in Cannes, London, Paris…). Her short film „WILLA“ after a Stephen King short Story has been screened at 45 Festivals (Palm Springs
Short Fest, L.A. Shorts … ). Nomination for best german short film in 2012, several nomination and awards as best director. Winner of the Pro7/Sat.1 Mainstreampreis in 2015. Her first feature film is going to be finished in 2016.
HFF Munich | 14’ | Director, Producer
ERNTEFAKTOR NULL (2012) | Documentary, 28’ | Director, Producer
Nominated for German Short lm price, Opening lm Dok.Fest München, Germany shorts in Cannes, more than 50 Festivals and 10 Director prices
PFLEGEKINDER, FFD Pflegekinderverein (2015) | Social Spot | Director, Producer
FIESE KERZEN (2014) | HFF Munich, Trailer | Director, Producer
RHINOS ENERGY (2012) | 1’ | Idea, Director, Producer
PRINCESS SPEC SPOT BERLINALE (2012) | Idea, Director, Producer
Spotlight Publikumspreis VULCANO WITH HAT (2013) | BR Coproduktion | Director

NGA BREMER (GERMANY, 1980) was born near Frankfurt/Main in Germany. After various visits to foreign countries, Inga started drama school in Cologne, but moved on to join the Filmacademy in Baden-Wuerttemberg to become a director in 2004. For her Film “Goodbye Kutti” Inga got nominated for the German Human Rights Film Award in 2010. When she returned from a year abroad at the international film academy EICTV in Cuba, Inga started shooting the award-winning film “Perfect Girls” funded by MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg. Inga is one of four founders of the filmproduction company Soilfilms. Together with her partners she produces and directs documentaries, commercials and fiction films.

Julia Barnes is an award-winning filmmaker, activist, and environmentalist who picked up a camera at age 16 out of a sense of urgency and necessity to raise awareness about the biggest threats facing the oceans and create a movement to turn things around. Her documentary Sea of Life has screened at festivals around the world, inspiring audiences to take action to save the ecosystems we depend on for survival.

Magdalena Staneva was born in 1991 and grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated in Journalism, Media and Cultural studies from Cardiff University, Wales and soon after pursued a Master’s degree in Film and Media Production from Lund University, Southern Sweden. During her studies, she gained experience while working at the National Bulgarian Television and the Bulgarian branch of advertising agency BBDO Worldwide.

In 2013 she began her studies at Lund University. Along with coursemates Sabine Käppler, Thilo Zimmerman and Mieke Kusters, she started working on her debut film "Wolf". The project won the Pixel Pitch Competition, part of the regional Pixel Film Festival, which ensured the participation of Swedish company Solid Entertainment as producer and financial support from Film i Skåne. In April 2015 the film was shot and, almost a year later, completed.
Currently she is working as an executive producer at the Bulgarian production company Miramar Film and is 2nd assistant director on Ilian Djevelekov’s new feature film "Omnipresent", supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center and to be shot in August/September 2016.
2016 – 2nd Assistant director: feature film "Omnipresent" (dir. Ilian Djevelekov, 2017)
2015 – Director, writer: short film "Wolf" (2016)
2014 - 1st Assistant director: adverts for Technopolis Bulgaria
2014 - 2nd Assistant director: advert for Evrofootball Bulgaria

Marcia Paraiso is a documentarist and screenwriter, and has worked with audiovisual projects since 1993. She's co-founder of Plural Films, directed documentaries, among them "Cabocla Land" about the beauty, intensity and faith of the cultural resistance of the Caboclos; "Visceral Brasil", a 13-episode series about Brazilian musicians and currently directing the second season, and "Inventions of the Soul", a 26-episode series about Brazilian artists. She also directed the feature film "Moon in Sagittarius". She seeks an approach that addresses root culture and the agrarian issues.

Maria Hengge was born on March 22nd in1970 in Chicago, IL, USA and grew up in Munich, Germany. 1998 she finished her acting studies at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna, Austria and worked as Member of the Ensemble at the Viennese Burgtheater till 2005. Beside her work as actress and director in theater and films, she studied film dramaturgy at the Babelsberg University for film in Berlin. 2008 she realized her first short film THE LAST BUS, which was presented in over 30 int. film festivals. From 2009 -Director Statement
Director statement:
My feature film SIN & ILLY STILL ALIVE focuses on the way out of drug addiction. It needs at least the same courage and will to get away from drugs like to start with them. With the female young main cast the audience will emphasize and find realistic and authentic ideas about a way out of addiction instead of taking distance and stigmatizing.2014 she realized her first feature SIN & ILLY STILL ALIVE as writer, director and producer.

Nadia Zouaoui, Journalist and Filmmaker
Nadia Zouaoui was born in Algeria and has lived in Quebec, Canada since 1988. She studied literature and journalism at the University of Montreal and McGill University. Nadia works for the French and the English CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), for the NFB (National Film Board of Canada) and for the Aljazeera Documentary Channel.
Nadia’s Journey, her first film about the condition of women in Algeria, received the Gemini Award from the Academy of Canadian Television & Cinema, an award at the RIDM (Montreal International Documentary Festival) and the Grand award at FIGRA (Festival International du Grand Reportage d’Actualité et du Documentaire de Société) in France.
Her recent documentary, Fear, Anger & Politics about the impact of the anti-terrorist laws on Muslim communities in the US was the 5th film ever watched on Aljazeera English. It won Best Canadian Independent film and Human’s Rights Jury award at Festival Vues d’Afrique in Montreal. Best International Documentary in the Harlem International Film Festival in New York. A Special Mention at the Baghdad Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Aquariuss Short Film festival in India.
Nadia Zouaoui has an intimate knowledge of the struggles she portrays in her work. She speaks English, French, Berber, Arabic and some Spanish and understands the cultures behind these languages. Her mission and passion is to work in a journalism of humanism and to produce documentaries that help break down the barriers and biases caused by misinformation and to build bridges between cultures while encouraging dialogue and a better understanding among people of different backgrounds.

Valerie Leroy started her career as an actress in movies and tv series, after a bachelor in history and a master degree in cultural management. In 2013 she graduated from "l'atelier scenario" in La Femis. "Le grand bain" is her first short film. She, since directed a second short "Let me dance" currently in post-production. And she is developping her first feature film, "les Empereurs", a comedy.

Wanda Nolan is a writer and filmmaker from Newfoundland, Canada. In 2014, she was named one of eleven writers to watch for by CBC Canada Writes. In the Fall of 2016, she made her directorial debut with two short films: an animation, Mystery of the Secret Room, produced by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), and Crocuses, produced by LJH Films. Crocuses was the winner of the RBC Michelle Jackson Emerging Filmmaker Award. Wanda is also a story consultant. Her credits include the feature documentaries DANNY (NFB) and Luben and Elena (NFB). She has a Masters of Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia.

Roberta Staley is a Vancouver-based, award-winning magazine editor and writer with experience reporting from the developing world and conflict and post-conflict settings. Staley has reported from Afghanistan twice: in 2015 to film the documentary Mightier Than the Sword, and in 2012, where she researching stories on literacy, gender equality and culture for magazine clients. Staley has also reported from El Salvador, Haiti, Colombia, Cambodia, Soweto in South Africa, Israel and New Zealand, covering HIV-AIDS, the environment, culture, women’s issues and business. Staley currently edits two national magazines, the Canadian Chemical News and Enterprise. She is also a graduate student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

Director Statement
After reporting in Afghanistan in 2012, I came away knowing that there was another, bigger story — a rare Afghan success story — which needed telling. This was the creation and development of a vibrant, free and independent media. Importantly, women were actively involved in the media as producers, reporters, anchors, hosts and researchers. Media, in fact, had become a battleground for Afghan women fighting to conquer a culture of silence and invisibility following years of Taliban oppression. I knew that many in the West — disillusioned about NATO’s involvement in Afghanistan and deeply regretful about lives lost — needed to know that something positive had come about as a result of our collective sacrifice.