Riffa Academy

The RIFFA Academy is the educational arm of the RIFFA Foundation Inc. We run year around, offering a variety of educational programs and workshops. Our debut offering is the Comprehensive Film and Fine Art (COFF) program.

Comprehensive Film and Fine Art (COFF) COFF is a community-based vocational training program that helps individuals living with mental health challenges to cope through the power of artistic and cinematic expression. We offer entry level vocational training courses in Regina in the field of film and media production. Through COFF, we support the community and operate in partnership with the health care and film/entertainment industry.

This course is centered on individual self-expression through student-produced documentaries and short films. We use creative storytelling enlighten and challenge an audience with original stories that move beyond the traditional. Students are encouraged to expand their knowledge of story development and how sound and pictures can strengthen audience connection to the material and affect social change through narrative.

Film Theory will be explored, along with hands-on instruction in producing a documentary or short film. Each student, with support from faculty/advisors and fellow students, will conceive, produce and edit a documentary or short film. The films may be experimental, poetic, performative or traditional. The course allows the creative freedom and encouragement necessary for each student to begin to discover their own voice as a storyteller.

The course is for students interested in self-expression, storytelling and media. All students will gain hands-on experience in conceptualization, writing, filming and editing, and is beneficial for those with aspirations to work within the film industry.

To know more about RIFFA Academy and the COFF Program, please contact us.